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Mid-sized Binoculars Review
Swarovski EL 8x32

by Michael and Diane Porter

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Swarovski EL 8x32Swarovski Traveler 8x32
Overall Score: 4.94
(0ut of possible 5.0)

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A masterpiece of design. It won the highest Overall Score in our survey, and it was the favorite of several judges. One wrote, "It's better than real life." The optical quality is superlative, with a bright, almost magically clear image and no discernible chromatic aberration. The Swarovski Traveler set the standard for optical resolution, with the top possible score of 5.0.

Swarovski ELThe Traveler seems to point naturally at your target. Our judges all loved the hollow bridge, which lets your fingers wrap comfortably around the barrel. Your index finger falls naturally on the focus knob. (Photo at right is the Swarovski EL 8x32, which is optically identical to the Traveler, but with a green covering instead of tan.

Several judges remarked that this binocular fit their hand better than any binocular they've ever tried. All our glasses-wearing judges found the Traveler worked well for them.

The diopter adjustment is the focus knob, which pops out with a satisfying click, revealing a scale with actual numbers. Now the knob turns with little clicks, giving both audible and tactile feedback. Push the knob back in to lock. The Swarovski folks have really thought this diopter thing through.

Pro: Top resolution score; amazingly good ergonomics; superb diopter adjustment; 420-foot field of view; works well with glasses. Comes with Snap Shot Adapter, which lets you connect your binocular to your digital camera.

Con: Expensive.

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