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Bird Brain 7.4
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Bird Brain 7.4 Prices
Bird Brain 7.4 $99.95
Upgrade from Bird Brain 7, 7.1, 7.2, or 7.3 $19.95
Upgrade from Bird Brain 6.x $39.95
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Bird Brain 7.4 is the last version of Bird Brain.

We are sorry to say that Bird Brain 7.4 is the last version of Bird Brain. Filemaker, the database that Bird Brain is created in, has said it will no longer support the Runtime version that is needed for Bird Brain's distribution.   

We will still support upgrading from previous versions of Bird Brain to version 7.4. So you can bring forward your older data into the Bird Brain's newer taxonomy.

We will also provide counseling and custom help units.

But going forward, there is a solution. You can export your Bird Brain 7.4 data and import it into Scythebill.

Scythebill can easily import data from Bird Brain 7.4.

Scythebill is free, and it supports the latest taxonomy.

It also allows you to move your data into eBird.

How to get Scythebill

Here's the link to download it. There is a Mac version, and it's free.

How to Export your data from Bird Brain

To export your data from Bird Brain so you can import it into Scythebill all you have to do is:

1. Open Bird Brain and export your data as a csv file.

2. From the File menu choose Export/Import in CSV Format. (The csv file format is essential for this to work.)

3. From the Submenu choose Export All Records as CSV file. Again, be sure you are choosing to export as a csv file.

Import that data into Scythebill

1. Open Scythebill

2. Choose Import Sightings from the File Menu

3. You will get the window shown below.. Choose Import from Bird Brain and navigate to the CSV file you exported from Bird Brain.

4. See the instructions in Scythebill for moving your data into eBird.


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