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Watching Sparrows

All the North American sparrows, in action and song

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Watching Waders DVD"Watching Sparrows" travels from desert canyons and coastal dunes to Alaskan mountainsides and Arctic tundra to hear the songs and explore the lives of 46 species of sparrows, towhees, juncos, and longspurs.

Every scene features a spring-plumaged male exploding with song and a panoramic look at his dramatic habitat. Woven in are details of courtship, nesting, feeding and biological adaptation.

DianeDiane's Comment: How did these remarkable wildlife photographers do it? They take us up close to every species of North American sparrow, show it in action, and record its song. You'll see the colors of sparrows in detail you never knew existed. It's a phenomenal piece of work.

If there are a few sparrows that you've never quite mastered, because you seldom see them, this 2-DVD set will help you to know them like you know your own friends. Beautiful work!

The narration gives you an insight into the life pattern of each species. The photographers, Judy Fieth and Michael Male, have pleasant voices to listen to.

And if you want to polish up your familiarity with bird songs, the sound track will help you fix the birds' songs in your mind and associate it with the species.

This DVD guide to sparrows is by award-winning flimmakers Michael Male and Judy Fieth. Other videos by the same great filmmakers include Watching Waders and Watching Warblers.

Click the picture for a larger version of the photo of Male and Fieth.

Michael's and Judy's films documentary films have been televised by National Geographic, HBO, and PBS's NOVA and NATURE.

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