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Zeiss LotuTec Coatings

New coatings that make a difference

You probably know that over-enthusiastic cleaning is a binocular's worst nightmare. Rubbing away dust particles can scratch a lens. Over time, this practice takes a terrible toll on the binocular's optical performance. Turns a perfectly clear lens into frosted glass.

But we like our lenses to be bright and clean, so that they will transmit the maximum light to the eye. And lenses do get dirty and water spotted. It's a dilemma.

Zeiss LotuTecNow, using a principle from nature, Zeiss has come out with an giant step forward. It's LotuTec, a new coating that almost magically helps lenses stay clean. Here's the principle.

A lotus leaf naturally repels water, letting drops pearl up and roll off. It also repels dirt and fingerprints. Zeiss uses the lotus principle in the LotuTec protective coating to make cleaning and care especially easy.

The Advantages
Dirt, grease and water-repelling pearl-off effect.
Simplified, streak-free, and gentle cleaning.
Reduced tendency to mist up.
Brilliant, contrast-rich image.

Without LotuTec
As on most ordinary leaves, moisture and dirt particles
collect on the surface and adhere.
(Contact angles less than 95 degrees make flat water drops.)

Without LotuTec

With LotuTec
Just like on a lotus leaf, the drops simply pearl off. Dirt and finger prints can be easily removed from the smooth surface. (Contact angles over 110 degrees make ball-like water drops.)


With LotuTec












Zeiss Victory FLZeiss Victory 32mmLotuTec coatings are now available in the wonderful Zeiss Victory FL binoculars. Zeiss has been releasing the new LotuTec binoculars, one model at a time, since January, 2007. Now all of the Zeiss Victory FL binoculars have the new coatings.

Zeiss Victory FL Binoculars with Lotu-Tec Coatings



—Copyright 2007 Michael and Diane Porter
LotuTec images copyright Carl Zeiss, Inc.

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