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Zeiss 7x42 Classic

Michael Porter's Favorite Binocular

Michael and his Zeiss binoxIf I had to pick the best one-size-fits-all birding binoculars, they would be the 7x42 Zeiss B/GA T. With 7 power magnification, they are universal binoculars that everyone can hand hold.

The slim, tapered shape fits large or small hands.

Resolution and color accuracy are unsurpassed.

The optics are incredibly bright, and a 6 mm exit pupil gives excellent low-light performance.

They focus close - 11 ft. An 8.6° field of view delivers a big picture, and they're wonderful, wonderful with eyeglasses.

This rugged instrument is armored and won't fog up in wet weather. At 28 oz. it may be a tad heavy for some, but the performance is worth the weight.

Their only flaw is that the diopter adjustment is easily turned off its setting. However, other users might consider the ease of re-setting the diopter adjustment a desirable feature.

-- Michael and Diane Porter

How to compare binoculars

Here is a checklist of questions to ask when comparing binoculars. The relative importance of the questions will differ for each individual.


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