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Digital Camera Base

Swarovski Digital Camera Base

Here the Swarovski Digital Camera Base is shown in both positions, mounted on a Swarovski STS 80ED (straight scope). The main image shows the base holding the camera in front of the eyepiece, ready to take a picture.

The shadowy version, at the top, shows the Digital Camera Base halfway between the shooting position and the carrying position. When not in use, the Digital Camera Base swings all the way over on top of the scope. The camera is hanging there, out of the way of the eyepiece. In that position, you can look through the scope, focus and frame your picture. Then you swing the camera down to take the shot.

The Digital Camera Base is useful for a camera that does not have threads inside the lens housing. It provides a way to hold the camera up against the eyepiece.

At Birdwatching Dot Com, we prefer Swarovski's Digital Camera Adapter, which avoids the torque issues with Digital Camera Base design. However, if your camera is threadless, and you want to use it with your Swarovski scope, this is the way to go.

The above photo is the version for a straight scope. See price info

There is also a version (DCB-A) for an angled scope. See price info

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