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by Michael and Diane Porter

Outstanding optics at economy price

Pentax DCF WPIIWe're overjoyed to see Pentax reintroduce what was one of the best values in binoculars that we ever saw. Before the Pentax DCF WP came out in 1999, you had to spend a thousand dollars or more to get this kind of quality.

Pentax really challenged the high-end manufacturers of binoculars. The mid-priced, roof-prism DCF WPs from Pentax closed in on the top birding optics from Nikon, Swarovski, Leica, and Zeiss.

We hated to see Pentax drop this popular binocular. Maybe they listened to our complaints, or maybe a lot of other people begged them to bring back the DCF WP. At any rate, they've done it. We saw the prototypes at Shot Show in Las Vegas in February of 2006, and now Pentax is shipping the binocular. Only better.

The DCF WPII is optically like the original, except that it now features super reflective prism coatings for even brighter images. Another improvement is helicoid (twist-up) eyepiece rings, with 3-stage clicks to hold the eyecups at your preferred distance from your eyes. Below are more of what makes this such a great buy in binoculars.

Features of the
Pentax DCF WPII Binoculars:

In fact, they are "fully submersible to one meter." If they get dusty, you can rinse them off in the sink. Honest! (Just don't squirt the water on them under strong pressure.)

Nitrogen filled
They never fog up inside, even if you go someplace steamy like the tropics.

Phase coated
Roof prisms designs enhances the contrast and provides sharp images.

Super-Multi Coating
For maximum light transmission. This means it has fully multi-coated lenses.

Soft rubber armoring
The non-slip texture and soft armoring feel secure and feel nice in your hands.

Long eye relief
The DCF WPII provides excellent viewing with or without eyeglasses.

Helicoid twist-out eyecups
This makes for easy use by eyeglass wearers. (Pentax was a leader in lower-priced binoculars to get away from those floppy fold-down eyecups. Now nearly everyone has followed suit.)

Lightweight aluminum alloy frame.
The 8-power and the 10-power versions weigh exactly the same -- a modest 26.8 ounces.

Close focus
You can look at something as close as 8.2 feet away. It's important. When the bird comes up close, you want to study it in all the glory of its details, and you don't want to have to back away to do so.

Click-stop diopter
The adjustment locks in the right eyepiece, so your adjustment stays the way you set it.

Comes in 8x42 and 10x42. The two x42 models are the same size, shape, and weight. It's your personal preference which magnification works best for you. (If you aren't used to using binoculars, or if your hands are not steady, you might do better with the 8x42s.)

Pentax upgraded their warranty on new binoculars and spotting scope purchases. Effective March 1, 2006, the warranty allows for full repair or replacement to the original purchaser even if damaged by fault, with a charge of $19.95 for each repair request to cover handling and return shipping.

All Pentax binoculars offered for sale through Birdwatching Dot Com come with a Pentax US warranty card.

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