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Pentax DCF SP

A Sharp New Binocular from Pentax

by Michael and Diane Porter

Sharp all the way to the edges, the Pentax DCF SP shines for its outstanding ergonomic qualities. It focuses as close as 6.6 ft. It's compact and lightweight (25 oz.), with a magnesium-alloy body.

Pentax did a lot of things right on this one. Eyecups twist up, with three click stops to let the user select the needed degree of eye relief. The objective lens covers are tethered to the binoculars in a way that doesn't let them get in the way of the view but keeps them from getting lost. The 8x43 model has exemplary eye relief of 22mm (17mm on the 10x43).

The diopter adjustment locks. The dark green rubber-armored surface is pleasantly easy to keep a grip on. Exposed lenses have a special coating that resists moisture condensation, to keep the binoculars from fogging up outside and well as inside.

Of course, it's waterproof and nitrogen purged. If it gets dusty, you can rinse it off in the sink.

Oh, and by the way, it costs about half of what the other top binoculars do.

Comes in 10x43, 8x43, 10x50, and 12.5x50. We looked at the 10x43 and the 8x43.


Waterproof. In fact, it's "fully submersible to one meter." If itgets dusty, you can rinse it off in the sink. Honest! (Just don't squirt the water to make strong pressure.)

Nitrogen filled, which means it will never fog up inside, even if you go someplace steamy like the tropics.

Phase coated roof prisms enhance the contrast and provide sharp images.

Super-Multi Coating for increased light transmission.

Soft rubber armoring. The non-slip texture and soft armoring feel secure and feel nice in your hands.

Long eye relief, especially on the 8x43, provides excellent viewing with or without eyeglasses.

Twist-up eyecups, for for easy use by eyeglass wearers.

Lightweight magnesium frame. The 8-power and the 10-power versions weigh 25 oz. ounces.

Close focus down to 6.6 feet. Few binoculars will let you see so near. And it's important. When the bird comes up close, you want to study it in all the glory of its details, and you don't want to have to back away to do so.

Click-stop diopter adjustment locks in the right eyepiece, so your adjustment stays the way you set it.

Warranty: Any manufacturer defect in the binoculars is completely covered for one year. Wear-and-tear and damage due to use is not covered.

All Pentax binoculars offered for sale through Birdwatching Dot Com come with a Pentax US warranty card.

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