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Pentax Small Scope
Zeiss Digital Camera Adapter

A marriage made in
digiscoping heaven!

Pentax and Zeiss

We got a chance recently to see the small, angled Pentax ED scope (PF-65EDA II) married to the Zeiss Digital Camera Adapter. What a happy combination!

At the Midwest Birding Symposium, in Moline, Illinois, in September, 2007, the Pentax rep had his scope teamed up with the Zeiss Digital Camera Adapter and a Pentax Optio A30 camera. We took a look through his rig and then hogged it for about 15 minutes, examining the exhibits all over the hall. Everything looked about as bright and sharp as you could hope for a scope to give you.

You don't usually expect the adapter from one manufacturer to match up with the scope from another company. But it happened. The small Pentax scope, the PF-65ED-A, hooks up perfectly with the Zeiss digital camera adapter and a Pentax Optio A30 digital camera, with infrared remote release (in right hand).

Pentax and Zeiss

The whole package was small and trim enough that we would be willing to traipse around a marsh carrying it.

If you are interested in putting this outfit together, be sure to order the angled version of the scope, as that is the one that fits with the Zeiss Digital Camera Adapter. The straight version does not fit properly.

All Pentax products offered for sale through Birdwatching Dot Com come with Pentax US warranty.

-- Michael and Diane Porter

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