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Optics Myth 5:

I can share my binocular with others.

REALITY - No you can't. Somebody's going to end up missing the bird, and they're going to be crabby. Many a marriage has been saved just by buying a second pair of binoculars.

Every birder needs his or her own binoculars.

Unlike scopes, which birders commonly share, binoculars are strictly monogamous. You need your binocular ready to grab when you glimpse leaf movement that could be a cuckoo or a warbler. What you don't need is to have to hand over your binocular to the person next to you before you get a satisfactory look at a bird.

Chances are the second person will take just long enough to find the bird and focus on it so that he or she won't get a good look either.

And you don't want to have to borrow your friend's, either. You need your own.

Also, the comfortable way to carry binoculars is with a harness. Now try to get out of the harness before the bird flies away! Especially if your harness is under your vest or jacket. It's even worse if you try to share the binocular without taking the harness off! Let's just say it gives passersby a fine story to tell when they get home.

Copyright 2006 Michael and Diane Porter


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