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The Leica Warranty

Warranty on Leica binoculars

Leica UltravidLeica has altered part of its warranty on the Ultravid binoculars. The warranty against manufacturer's defects continues as before, and it is valid for as long as the original owner possesses the binocular.

The other part of the warranty is Leica's Passport Protection Plan provides, which provides coverage against accidents. If your Leica Ultravid suffers accidental damage, Leica will repair or replace it for a fee of $35.

Until early 2008, the Passport Protection Plan used to apply for the lifetime of the binocular. However, the new Passport Protection Plan is now effective for three years.

Leica promises to honor the lifetime Passport Protection Plan on any Ultravid that came with that warranty, but all new product from now on will have the three-year plan.

We do have a very limited number of Ultravids (the previous model, before the new Ultravid HD) with the lifetime warranty. At the time of this writing (June 1, 2008), we still have Leicas with the lifetime Passport Protection Plan in:

When they're gone, there won't be any more, according to Leica.

Note that even on the new Ultravid HD, there is still a lifetime warranty that covers manufacturer's defects.

  • 1) Limited lifetime warranty. The owner must send in the registration card within 30 days of purchase. You might also need your sales receipt, so save it if you buy Leicas.
  • 2) In addition, Leica offers a 3-year no-fault warranty for any accidental damage to the binoculars. After a disaster, if you send binocular back to Leica, they promise to repair or replace it. This warranty is good for three years from the date of purchase and is not transferable to subsequent owners.

--Michael and Diane Porter