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Eagle Optics Ranger
Platinum Class

by Michael and Diane Porter
Michael Porter Diane Porter

We reviewed this binocular in the summer of 2004 as part of a Binocular Roundup for the November, 2004, issue of Birdwatcher's Digest. The Platinum Class Ranger was one of the favorite low-price binoculars of our judges. Below is our report on this binocular.

Eagle Optics RangerCompact and lightweight (under 23 oz.), the Platinum Class Ranger has a lot going for it. It focuses fast and as close as 5.2 ft., making it a good candidate for butterfly watching as well as birding.

Smooth-turning focus knob, hand-friendly rubber armoring, and a central hinge with just the right amount of resistance for quick adjustment make this binocular a pleasure to handle. We find that when we're using binoculars up close for watching butterflies, we move the two barrels slightly closer together for close views, and then farther apart again for distance. The nice engineering on the central hinge makes this process so easy that we do it almost unconsciously. (Many binoculars have a hinge that is too stiff to move comfortably. What's worse that that some have a hinge so loose and floppy it won't hold its setting. No problem like that with the Ranger!)

The eyecups twist up. The resolution is good—remarkably good for such an inexpensive binocular.

attaching lens coversOne of the nice details on this binocular is the way the objective lens caps attach to the barrels, ready to snap shut when you want to drop the binocular in your backpack. With the Ranger, you won't lose the lens caps the first time out of the box! But if you prefer, you can remove the lens covers completely.

Considering the very moderate price, we recommend this binocular.

The Eagle Optics Ranger comes in 12x50, 10x50, 10x42, 6x32, 8x42, 10x32, and 8x32. We looked at the 10x42 and the 8x42.

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