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Mid-Priced Binoculars Review

For Bird Watcher's Digest, January, 2012

by Michael and Diane Porter

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Michael and Diane Porter wrote the following review, which appears in the January, 2012, Bird Watcher's Digest.

This is page 2 of the review.

Why is 8 power so popular?

Better with glasses. When wearing eyeglasses, your eyes are positioned further away from the eyepieces. How far back your eyes can be and still see the whole picture is called eye relief. It’s much easier to find an 8x binocular with enough eye relief to work with your glasses than a 10x.

Better image stability. More power isn’t always a plus in a hand-held optic. A 10x image is shakier, because any hand movement is magnified just as much as is the image. In fact, many people find that they can actually see more detail handholding an 8x than a 10x. It’s personal.

Wider field of view. You spot a bird in the tree canopy and quickly raise your binocular to your eyes. The wider the field of view, the more likely that the bird will be in it. This is especially true for birds that don’t stay put. Lower magnification in a binocular means a wider field of view, so many birders prefer 8x to 10x.

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