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We at Birdwatching Dot Com enjoy sharing the lore of birding in a free e-newsletter about birds and birding. Click the miniature of the any issue below to see it.

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We hope you'll find some good ideas in these newsletters to help you have more fun watching birds.

March 2008

March, 2008
The first hummingbird
Birding with your ears
Purple martis
Optics: if you wear glasses

January 2008

January 2008
Project FeederWatch
Downy woodpecker's victory
How birds survive at night
Optics: 10 more than 8?

December 2007

December, 2007
Bald eagles in winter
Gift insprirations
The birding vest
Optics: the space between

November 2007

November, 2007
Field guide ABCs
Chickadee smarts
Attracting birds not squirrels
Optics: the stabilizing stick

October 2007

October, 2007
Why is she smiling?
The sparrows' secrets
Birdless feeders
Optics: double your power

September 2007

September, 2007
Goldenrod for downies
Chimney swift migration
Taking down feeders
Optics: how to judge binoculars

August 2007

August, 2007
Slipping away
AJ Escapes the monster
Attracting birds to yard
Optics: diopter adjustment

July 2007

July, 2007
Kindness is abirdbath
Birding from a boat
Birding by ear
Optics: cleaning optics

June 2007

June, 2007
Allure of the goldfinch
House wrens do work
Rescued baby birds
Optics: angled or straight

May 2007

May, 2007
Ear watching
What jays say
Helping killdeer nests
Hummingbird nectar

March 2007

March, 2007
Inviting bluebirds
Calculus of spring
Mockingbird botheration
Optics: how optics work

Februrary 2007

February, 2007
Night music (owls)
Jay talk
Downy vs. hairy
Optics: twilight factor

January 2007

January, 2007
Feathered fire
Flowers for birds
Identifying birds
Optics: eye relief

December 2006

December, 2006
Seeking spruce grouse
Hand feeding birds
Gifts for a grandson
Optics: size and power

November 2006

November, 2006
Tough titmouse
Soft-hearted tree
Winter water for birds
Optics: waterproofing

October 2006

Octobber, 2006
Raptor rapture
Optics: size and light
Habitat for birds
Stars of navigation

September 2006

September, 2006
Warbler month
Optics: diopter adjustment
Fall bird feeding
Thayer's CD-ROM

August 2006

August, 2006
Close-up binocular
Optics: the Zen art
Helping baby birds
The way of a jay


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