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February 2009

Dear Fellow Birder,

Winter isn't over yet. The pond is still frozen, here at Birdwatching Dot Com. But the chickadees and titmice have started singing their songs. Their simple, plain music speaks to my heart and tells me spring is stirring.

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  • Thirsty in Winter
  • A Question of Alignment
  • Ask Diane about Hand Feeding Wild Birds
  • Learn Bird Songs in Winter

  • A Question of Alignment

    Binoculars are two parallel telescopes. Or they're supposed to be. If they aren't in perfect alignment, they can cause eye strain and headaches or just make looking through them no fun.

    Here's how to tell if your binoculars are out of alignment.

    Ask Diane about Hand Feeding Wild Birds

    I would love to get the birds to eat out my hand. Have you ever done it? Does it make the birds less safe, to get used to people? --A fellow birdwatcher, Noble, IA

    Your backyard birds can be landing on your shoulder and taking food from your hand this winter. With a little encouragement, some birds will accept you as a natural part of their environment-perhaps even as a friend. It's not difficult to win the trust of the guests at your feeders. Here's how to do it.

    Learn Bird Songs in Winter
    Tufted Titmouse

    It's the middle of February in chilly Iowa,
    and hardly any birds are singing.

    Which is exactly why it's such a great time
    to listen to birds! At this season it's easy
    to learn bird songs.

    Thirsty in Winter

    Birds need water even in winter, when everything is frozen.

    That's why an unfrozen birdbath is irresistible to birds. It can bring more birds to your yard than feeders alone ever can.

    This year at Birdwatching Dot Com we discovered the Kozy Spa Birdbath with Pedestal. It's my favorite heated birdbath by far.

    About the Kozy Spa...
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