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November, 2008

Dear Diane,

Now we feel winter's breath. Birds that haven't been bothering with our feeders are suddenly all over them. I love the winter newcomers, the juncos and pine siskins Winter? Bring it on!

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  • My Favorite Tree
  • Count Our Lucky Stars
  • Ask Diane about a winter bird feeding
  • Subscriber-only $200 Off Zeiss Victory FL

  • Count Our Lucky Stars

    OK, your stock portfolio is in the tank, you're wondering about your job, and the equity in your house has dropped in value.

    Hard times are here. But we can count our lucky stars that we're birders. Here are seven reasons that birdwatching is a great investment.

    Ask Diane about a winter bird feeding

    I've started feeding the birds in winter, and a few kinds are coming. How can I get more different kinds of birds to visit my feeders? --Linnea Poe, Minneapolis

    One of the nicest things about winter in a cold climate is being inside a warm house, looking out at the wild birds at the feeder. They'll entertain you all winter long. All you have to do is provide them with what they need to get through the winter.

    Subscriber-only $200 Off Zeiss Victory FL

    Here is an unadvertised special for newsletter subscribers only on the binocular that came in Number One in Michael and Diane's High-end Optics Round-up in the September, 2008, issue of Bird Watcher's Digest.

    Phone Birdwatching Dot Com (800-779-7256) to get $200 off the regular price for the Zeiss Victory FL 10x42, 8x42, or 7x42, in black. Offer good while supplies last.

    My Favorite Tree

    The elm is full of life — surprising, for a dead tree.

    It serves as open mic, nightclub, nursery for babies, fast-food restaurant, and hot singles scene.

    Since it's not positioned where it's going to fall on our house or where it's likely to do damage, we're leaving it as is. As far the birds are concerned, it's the best tree on the place!

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