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May 2008


The peak of spring moves northward like a great wave across the northern hemisphere. Here at Birdwatching Dot Com, in Iowa, the wild sweet Williams have started to bloom, violets are everywhere underfoot, and the woods are full of nesting birds.

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  • Watching with your Ears
  • Gift Inspirations for Mother's Day
  • Dear Diane...
  • Do you really need waterproof?

  • Gift Inspirations for Mother's Day

    Any day can be Mother's Day! Select a gift to delight the heart of a person who loves nature and wild birds. Here are some gift inspirations, both great and small.

    We ship most items by Priority Mail. Optics normally go by UPS, so please include a street address if you're ordering binoculars.

    Dear Diane...

    Dear Diane: We have a killdeer nest in our gravel driveway, with 4 eggs on it. I am afraid it's not safe for the birds. Can I move them to the side of the road, or put them in a birdhouse?

    In a word, no, we can't move killdeer nests without destroying them. Here are other ways not to help, and one thing you can do to protect the killdeer nest on your driveway.

    Do you really need waterproof?
    Wet Binocular

    You might wonder whether you really need waterproof binoculars. Especially if you never go out birding in the rain. But there's more to waterproof optics than surviving a downpour.

    Here's are some other reasons to consider investing in waterproof optics.

    Cardinal and wild rose photos © 2008 Michael and Diane Porter

    Watching with your Ears

    This morning I opened my eyes and it wasn't quite light yet. So I closed them and watched the bright red cardinal pose at the top of the maple tree.

    Share! he proclaimed with a loud, descending note.

    Then a Magnolia Warbler hunting insects in the maple paused to sing wheedle wheedle, sweetie-oh.

    A robin perched on the telephone wire and sang Cheerily? Cheer up. Cheerily? Before the sun rose, a dozen species of birds joined the chorus. I saw them all with my ears.

    See with your ears...
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