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December 2007

Dear Birdwatcher,

Today I tromped through the snow, looking for birds along a creek near where we live. I sure was rewarded. A bald eagle soared right overhead. What a thrill to see that huge bird black with the white head and tail!
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  • Bald Eagles in Winter
  • Christmas is in the air!
  • Ask Diane about packing a vest
  • The Space Between

  • Christmas is in the air!

    Here are some GIFT INSPIRATIONS for the bird lover in your life. You'll find gifts small and large.

    Stocking stuffers and eye-opening optics. Books and birdsong devices. Clever little nestbox cameras. Starter kits. A new wild birds CD-ROM for the Macintosh. And much more.

    Please feel free to call us up (800-779-7256) if you'd like to talk about any of these products. We've personally tried and used nearly all of them, and we're happy to answer your questions.

    Ask Diane about packing a vest

    Dear Diane: My new birding vest fits! Now you must tell me what should go in each pocket. I want to use this vest properly. When Steve saw it, he said he wanted to use it fishing!
    — Jan D., Capitola, CA

    I like to keep my birding vest all loaded ready to grab as I dash out the door. I call it my birding kit. I hang it on the same hook as my binoculars. Depending on the time of year, here are some of the things I keep in it.

    The Space Between

    Experienced birders do it automatically, but a new binocular user may have to think about it at first. If black is blocking out part of the image, you might need to adjust the distance between the two barrels (interpupillary distance).

    Here's how to determine whether your interpupillary distance is correct.

    Bald Eagles in Winter

    Winter is a great time to visit bald eagles. Thousands of the majestic birds come south from Alaska, to spend the winter along rivers, coasts, lakes, and estuaries.

    In the last century, bald eagles almost disappeared from the lower 48 states. But in a rare recovery, they're coming back. In winter, you can now find them in every state but Hawaii.

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