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November 2007


So many binoculars to choose among! Michael and Diane Porter's "Mid-priced Binoculars Round Up" appears in the November, 2007, issue of Bird Watcher's Digest. It's a careful comparison of 56 binoculars priced between $300 and $800. Read it here.
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  • Field Guide ABCs
  • Chickadee Smarts
  • Ask Diane about Squirrel Resistance
  • The Stabilizing Stick

  • Chickadee Smarts

    Chickadees look smart, with their crisp, clean black-and-white pattern and their quick movements. And they are smart.

    To us, all black-capped chickadees may look alike. But scientific studies now show that they recognize each other as individuals, just as certainly as we know our friends and family.

    Ask Diane about Squirrel Resistance

    Dear Diane: I want to feed BIRDS, not squirrels! How can I get the squirrels to stop raiding my feeders?
    — Sandy Joseph, Corona, California

    Squirrels like to eat the same things that birds eat, and they'll do almost anything to get the food. Here are some ways to keep the squirrels from emptying your bird feeders. Any one or better yet any combination of these strategies might reserve the feeders for your birds.

    The Stabilizing Stick

    If your arms get tired when you look up into trees for a long time with your binoculars, the image can start to jiggle. What's needed is a way to stabilize the binoculars, without having to carry a tripod all the time.

    Meet the useful, ubiquitous stick. It's the low-tech way to get a steady view and take a load off your arms when you want to look upward for an extended time.

    Field Guide ABCs

    North America has a bonanza of field guides, all covering pretty much the same birds. But the birds don't appear in the same sequence in all books. So how is a person to find a bird?

    Field guide sequence uses a sort of of ABC of birds. This sequence is the key to quickly looking a bird up.

    Here's how the ABC of field guides works. And here are links to reviews of the field guides old and new that birders love best.

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