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October 2007


Across much of North America, it is the time of massing birds. Grackles, swallows, shorebirds, and others come together in huge flocks as they flood southward. When a flock of grackles swirls around our house, with the sounds of thousands of birds, the excitement is electrical.

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  • Why is this Woman Smiling?
  • The Sparrows' Secrets
  • Ask Diane about Birdless Feeders
  • Double Your Power

  • The Sparrows' Secrets
    White-throated Sparrow

    Looking like old, brown leaves, the white-throated sparrows sweep into my yard. There's a reason for them to look nondescript from overhead.

    Their whistled, whispery song, Old Sam Peabody, fills me with nostalgia. The white-throated sparrow is a bird with secrets.

    Ask Diane about Birdless Feeders
    Diane Porter

    Dear Diane: The last couple of weeks, my feeders are birdless! I used to have tons of birds. How can I get them to come back? -- Ruth Brunner, Chicago, IL

    The birds may just not need your feeders at the moment. Wild food is abundant in the fall. But there's a good reason to keep those feeders full anyway.

    Double Your Power
    Vortex Doubler

    Screw or slip a doubler over one eyepiece, and — voila! — your binocular does double duty as a mini spotting scope.

    Swarovski makes a doubler that fits their own binoculars, and Zeiss makes a tripler for theirs. An economical, universal doubler by Vortex Optics fits most 42mm binoculars.

    The photo of the lady in red is copyright 2007 Rudy Reinbacher.
    The sparrow photo is copyright 2007 Michael & Diane Porter.

    Why is this Woman Smiling?
    Chris and her new Vortex Viper

    Meet Chris, whose husband Rudy just gave her a new Vortex Viper binocular.

    They called us at Birdwatching Dot Com for advice on which binocular to get. We recommended this one for Chris because of its good optics, wide field of view, excellent eye relief for glasses, and moderate price.

    Rudy sent us this photo and an email about Chris's first experiences with her new binocular.

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