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August 2007

Dear Birdwatcher,

Summer's already slipping away, and we're starting our second year publishing this newsletter. We hope you've been enjoying it. And we hope that noticing birds is part of your daily life. Birdwatching is your lifetime ticket to the theater of nature.

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  • Slipping Away
  • AJ Escapes the Monster
  • Dear Bird Lady...
  • Customize Your Binocular

  • AJ Escapes the Monster
    Blue Jay Juvenile

    You never know what you might find when you go outside for a bird walk, even on a summer day, on a trail you've walked a hundred times before.

    Only 8 A.M., and it was already hot, so I took a shady path through the woods near my house. I had only a few minutes before work. I heard something thrashing on the forest floor.

    Dear Bird Lady...

    Dear Diane: We used to have lots of birds at our feeder, but since we moved to a new house we don't get many. What do I do to get the birds to come to my feeder? Minnie P., Minot, ND

    Plant trees that offer shelter and food.
    Plant shrubs of varying heights.
    If there is a wild area at the edge of your yard, make stepping stones to bring the birds to your feeder.
    Offer different kinds of food, at different heights.
    And give them time.

    Customize Your Binocular
    Binocular Diopter

    Give your binoculars a tuneup, and they'll show you a sharper picture. If you haven't already set the diopter adjustment, you can improve the way your binoculars focus.

    Here's how to make sure both sides of your binocular focus at the same distance. Set the diopter adjustment just one time, and then your binocular will keep the two sides in the proper relationship with each other.

    Slipping Away
    Gray Catbird

    There was a time when I thought there wasn't much birding to do in late summer. That was before I started trying to discern precisely when the birds left on their southward migration.

    Here is my report on how my eyes were opened, and why the doldrum birding days of August and early September have been forever changed for me.

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