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July 2007



It's flat-out summertime. Hot, most places, including where we are. Our minds are on water. Water for birds. Water for the garden. And for birding from a boat on our nearest river.

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  • Kindness Is a Birdbath
  • Birding by Boat
  • Dear Diane...
  • How to Clean Binoculars

  • Birding by Boat
    River view from boat

    We floated in a sunlit corridor between two halves of a thick green forest. I dangled a bare foot over the edge of the boat.

    Birders call summer the slow time of year. But orioles, vireos, and warblers maintained a daylong chorus, and kingfishers flew up and down the river rattling raucously. We'd found a birding bonanza hidden in the midst of farmland.

    Dear Diane...

    Dear Diane: I went birding with a group of people who kept identifying every bird by its song. I can't remember the songs. How do they do it?

    It's fun to learn to identify birds by their songs. (You can see more birds with your ears than you can with your eyes.) Here are some tips on how learn to bird by ear. And some tools to help you. And here's why summer is a great time to start learning birds songs.

    How to Clean Binoculars
    Wron Way!

    Know how some people accidentally ruin their binoculars? By cleaning the lenses by breathing on them and then rubbing them with their shirt.

    That method grinds dust particles (which are actually very tiny rocks) into the glass, creating microscopic scratches. Eventually the binocular will be as frosted as the shower door. Here's the right way to clean binoculars

    Photos ©Michael and Diane Porter

    Kindness Is a Birdbath
    Robin at Birdbath

    Sometimes fresh, clean water is the scarcest necessity for a bird to obtain. You can make a robin's day better by the simple act of offering a drink and a bath. Your little circle of clean, cool water is a kindness to the birds.

    It's a kindness to yourself and your family, too. A birdbath is one of the easiest ways to bring birds up close, where everyone can get a really good look at them.

    Here are some tips on the characteristics of a great birdbath — one that birds will use enthusiastically.

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