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May 2007

Dear Bird Watcher,

The peak of spring moves northward like a great wave across the northern hemisphere. Where Birdwatching Dot Com is, in Iowa, May is the loveliest time of the year. The plaintive songs of white-throated sparrows fill the morning air.

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  • Watching with your Ears
  • Jay Talk
  • Dear Diane...
  • Hummingbird Nectar Recipe

  • Jay Talk
    Blue Jay

    I would sure like to know what the blue jays are saying to each other. Sometimes I feel as if I'm watching a foreign film without the subtitles.

    Such as when their heads bounce up and down, and they call like ringing bells. Still, sometimes I can catch the drift.

    Dear Diane...

    Dear Diane: We have a killdeer nest in our gravel driveway, with 4 eggs on it. I am afraid it's not safe for the birds. Can I move them to the side of the road, or put them in a birdhouse?

    Don't move the eggs to a safer place. The parents know where to find them. They remember where they put them, just a titch away from a certain weed or some jiggy thing, and that's where they'll go to look for them. If you want to help, you could set up an obstacle to warn car wheels away.

    Hummingbird Nectar Recipe
    Ruby-throated Hummingbird

    Attract hummingbirds to your yard. Flowers are best. Hummingbirds love red flowers, such as the tiny red blossoms of coral bells.

    Hummingbirds will also take sugar water from a feeder. Here's the recommended recipe.

    Cardinal photo © Michael and Diane Porter
    Hummingbird painting © Diane Porter

    Watching with your Ears

    This morning I opened my eyes and it wasn't quite light yet. So I closed them and watched the bright red cardinal pose at the top of the maple tree.

    Share! he proclaimed with a loud, descending note.

    Then a Magnolia Warbler hunting insects in the maple paused to sing wheedle wheedle, sweetie-oh.

    A robin perched on the telephone wire and sang Cheerily? Cheer up. Cheerily? Before the sun rose, a dozen species of birds joined the chorus. I saw them all with my ears.

    See with your ears...
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