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August 2006

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  • Butterfly Binocular
  • Zen and the Art of Binoculars
  • Dear Bird Lady...
  • The Way of a Jay

  • Zen and the Art of Binoculars
    Oriole through binoculars

    In Japan, traditional Zen archers learned to position body and bow in relation to the target so that the arrow pointed in the correct direction in a natural and instinctive way. (They could then hit the target blindfolded!)

    Birdwatchers can learn to use the Zen secret to locate the bird with binoculars.

    Dear Bird Lady...
    Bird Lady

    Dear Bird Lady: I found a baby robin in my yard, and there are lots of cats around. But I'm afraid the parents will abandon the baby if I touch it. --Doris M.

    Actually, Doris, robins and other songbirds don't have much sense of smell, and they won't voluntarily abandon their young, even if it's been touched. Here is how you can help a fledgling on your lawn.

    The Way of a Jay
    Jimmy takes peanut

    When a wild bird accepts a gift from your hand, it's summer in your heart no matter what the season. This is a report on the western scrub-jay we called Jimmy who came to feel at home on our porch.

    The butterfly photo is by Joseph Stanski, copyright Morning Star Photo.

    Butterfly Binocular
    Fritillary butterfly by Joseph Stanski

    The Papilio binocular from Pentax is like a long-distance microscope. It focuses as close as 18 inches!

    If a butterfly lands on your knee, you can actually focus on it through your Papilio. No other binocular can focus that close.

    You'll see details of the butterfly's wings and antennae that you've never seen before. And this binocular is surprisingly inexpensive!

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