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Dear Diane,

Diane I usually don't write to our customers, but I can't resist sharing my experience with a new binocular that focuses amazingly close.

It's the new Papilio binocular from Pentax. It lets you see details that you've never seen before on a butterfly or a flower. The secret is the Papilio's phenomenal ability to focus close -- as close as 18 inches!

The Papilio secret

Papilio Other binoculars boast of close focus, but none of them focus as close as the Papilio. With other close-focusing binoculars, you actually can't see up close with both eyes at once, because there's only a sliver of overlap between each eye's visual field.

But when you look at a butterfly or flower up close with the Papilio, you see the whole image with both eyes.

more about the Papilio and how it converges so close...

A personal favorite

Wild Rose I love to take the Papilio on walks during the summer, when birdwatching is at a bit of a lull. The Papilio lets me see closeup details that I usually can't focus on. Like the golden anthers of the prairie rose that blooms near where I live.

But the Papilio is not limited to closeup viewing. It's also fine for watching birds, scenery, or sports events.

The Papilio is the perfect inexpensive nature binocular. And even if you already have binoculars, this one is a great second binocular. It opens up a whole new world of nature.


You can call us, toll free or visit our Birdwatching Dot Com website for more information about the new Papilio binoculars.


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--Diane Porter, Birdwatching Dot Com

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