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World of Raptors
Narrated by Joanne Woodward

With Morley Nelson

Join Morley Nelson as he guides you through an intimate portrait of the power and beauty of North America's hawks, eagles, and falcons.

It's almost like going out in person into the wide open spaces of Idaho with Morley and his grandson. You'll enjoy the rapport between the boy and his grandfather, just as you'll appreciate the depth of Morley's knowledge about the wildest of wild birds.

You'll learn raptor sighting techniques that you can apply on your own when you go out to find hawks. You'll discover quick-clue identification methods that let you identify the hawks you see.

Witness spectacular slow motion photography of aerial acrobats like the Bald Eagle at left, filmed by Emmy Award winning cameramen.

See breathtaking views of North America's majestic raptors in the wild. This footage represents decades of work by an outstanding photographic team.

Morley has been working with raptors all his long life. Here is a man who knows his birds of prey. His love for the great birds is expressed in every word he speaks.

This video was created by Morley and his son, Norm Nelson.


Included Topics

  • Close up and slow-motion photography
  • Detailed graphics and maps showing where each raptor is found throughout the year.
  • Complete field reference identification guide to all the hawks of North America.

VHS video, 55 minutes
Produced by Echo Films

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