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Watching Waders

A DVD guide to the wading birds of the United States and Canada, by Michael Male and Judy Fieth

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Watching Waders DVD"Watching Waders" is filled with intimate footage of events in the lives of some of North America's most beautiful birds.

It's like visiting the South Florida Everglades and the Gulf Coast of Texas. And the freshwater wetlands of Northern Michigan. And the Colorado Rockies. See spectacular views of the wetland habitats where waders live.

Click the pictures at right to open preview movies!

Watch spoonbills, ibises, herons, erets, bitterns, cranes, and noisy limpkins court, build nests, and feed hatchlings and fledglings.

Extra features include introductions to scientists and researchers who are working to understand and save our wading birds and wetlands.

Close-up motion pictures and state-of-the-art sound recordings create an exciting way to enjoy birds and to polish your identification skills.

You not only see all the waders up close. You get to watch them in action and hear their weird and wonderful sounds.

It's informative, and it's beautiful, a real pleasure to watch.

This DVD guide to wading birds is by award-winning flimmakers Michael Male and Judy Fieth. Other videos by the same great filmmakers include Watching Warblers and Watching Sparrows.

Click the picture for a larger version of the photo of Male and Fieth.

Michael's and Judy's films documentary films have been televised by National Geographic, HBO, and PBS's NOVA and NATURE.

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