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Manfrotto Tripod MT190XPRO3

Details on a new design from Manfrotto by Michael and Diane Porter

Manfrotto 055XB

This new tripod from Manfrotto is the most economical high-quality tripod for using with a spotting scope. It's well made and relatively lightweight. You cannot find a better tripod for the price.

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Light and aluminum

It's made of aluminum. The 3-section legs are super fast to extend and collapse, making for fast setup times.

It weighs 4.4 pounds, which most users find quite easy to carry. A comparable carbon fiber tripod would weigh less, but it would also cost much more.

And strong!

It will support up to 15.4 pounds, which is more than any spotting scope or digiscoping outfit that you're likely to want to use it with.

Adaptable and adjustable

The center column is extendable, making it fast and easy to raise and lower the height as needed.


  • The minimum height is 3.6 inches.
  • The folded length is 23.2 inches.
  • The maximum height with the center column all the way down is 53.2 inches.
  • The maximum height with the center column extended is 63 inches.

Leg locksLeg locks

New ergonomic leg angle selectors are intuitive to use. They cut set-up time and guard against mishaps. The lock at the top of each sets the angle of the legs.

Quick Power Lock

The new Quick Power Lock levers provide extreme locking grip and can be released with one hand and a single movement. Such a convenience!

Power Lock

The 90-degree column

If you happen to be a photographer, the 90-degree column is a great innovation in the Manfrotto 190 tripod model. The new vertical-horizontal column mechanism is hidden inside the tripod's top casting until it's needed. This gives you all kinds of flexibility for positioning your camera.

90 degree column


The bubble level

There is a bubble to assist you in leveling the tripod if needed. You can rotate the bubble so that it never falls inconveniently under a head locking lever. You can always position where it's convenient.


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Recommended head for this tripod

For use with a spotting scope, we like it with the Manfrotto 128RC head, which has a smooth panning action and which is plenty strong and steady enough to support a full-sized scope.


Head 128RC

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