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Gitzo Technology

Lighter and stronger

Gitzo is reknowned for carbon fiber tripods, whose light weight and great steadiness make them ideal for photographers and birdwatchers.

The strength of Gitzo's carbon fiber tripods comes from their construction and materials. Here are details.

Carbon Fiber Tube — 6X mulitlayer technology

FibersGitzo 6X indicates carbon fiber tube. Gitzo's name is the standard among professional photographers who require tripods of great steadiness and strength but low weight. Gitzo's hallmarks are structural strength, flexion rigidity, and great vibration absorption.

Construction of Gitzo's 6X multilayer design uses advanced aerospace technology and proprietary inner structures. The tubes are 100% made of top quality, ultra-thin, 7-µm (7 micron) carbon fibers. A 28mm tube contains one and a half million fibers.

Magnesium — lightweight core

Weight ComparisonIn 1996, Gitzo was the first to use magnesium in camera supports. Magnesium comes in various grades. Gitzo uses only material of the highest grade quality. Weighing 30% less than aluminum, it offers major weight savings.

In Gitzo's magnesium casting, every functional bolt and screw works on threads reinforced by high quality steel inserts.

PTFE — smooth as melting ice

SmoothingPTFE treatment generates an ultra smooth surface that dramatically reduces friction between moving parts. PTFE has the same friction coefficient as melting ice.

This treatment bonds strongly with metal surfaces and ensures long-lasting performance. It is applied not only to ball heads, but also to plates, video bowls, and other sliding parts, for smooth, precise, and fine movements.

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