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Gitzo Birdwatching Tripod Heads

Two-way Fluid Heads

Gitzo analyzed what birders really need in a tripod head, and they came up with something completely new and unconventional. These two-way heads work beautifully with the Gitzo Birdwatching Tripods.

Gitzo Safari HeadThe new Gitzo birdwatching heads introduce several key innovations, which provide stability, precision, and structural strength.

  • Fluid cartridges
  • Single-lock system
  • Ultra-precise inner mechanisms
  • Reversible pan bar

Fluid Cartridges

Head TorqueThe new pan-and-tilt fluid cartridges allow smooth, controlled movement at slow speed. But at high speed, the movement becomes almost completely free, allowing quick repositioning. This is exactly what birders are looking for. And the complete opposite of the way conventional heads operate.

Another great advantage of these new cartridges is that they're smaller and more compact than conventional cartridges. How nice for birders!

Single LockSingle-lock system

Side-to-side (panning) motion and tilting are locked and frictioned in parallel by a single large knob. As a result, head control is simpler, faster, and more effective than ever before.

Inner mechanisms

You like the tripod to stop where you stop it? In these new Gitzo heads the works are tuned to achieve maximum precision and to eliminate even the tiniest give and play.

Reversible pan bars

Head Pan barThe Gitzo birdwatching heads feature a pan bar that is reversible for left- and right-handed users. Pan bar can also be removed and an elegant end cup substituted.

The heads can also be used without the pan bar for additional compactness in the wild. In this case, the pan bar support is replaced by the end cap.

Gitzo Birdwatching Head

© 2012 by Michael and Diane Porter


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