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Ideal birdhouses for purple martins

SuperGourds come with your choice of round entrance holes or starling-resistent crescent holes. If you anticipate no trouble with starlings, you're better off with the round holes, because purple martins like them better than the crescent holes.
However your purple martins will accept the crescent holes, but the starlings find them very difficult to get into. Therefore, if you have a plague of starlings, you might be wise to invest in the crescent-hole style SuperGourds.
Click on the number of gourds you wish to order from the table below. Note that the price INCLUDES standard ground shipping! Sorry, we can ship SuperGourds only to US Lower-48 States. Only ground shipping is available on this item.
SuperGourd with
SuperGourd with

1 Crescent SuperGourd: $36.95

2 Crescent SuperGourds: $54.95

3 Crescent SuperGourds: $71.95

4 Crescent SuperGourds: $95.95

6 Crescent SuperGourds: $135.95

8 Crescent SuperGourds: $174.95

12 Crescent SuperGourds: $239.95

24 Crescent SuperGourds: $459.95

36 Crescent SuperGourds: $669.95

48 Crescent SuperGourds: $869.95

60 Crescent SuperGourds: $1059.95

72 Crescent SuperGourds: $1229.95

84 Crescent SuperGourds: $1359.95

96 Crescent SuperGourds: $1509.95

1 Round SuperGourd: $36.95

2 Round SuperGourds: $54.95

3 Round SuperGourds: $71.95

4 Round SuperGourds: $95.95

6 Round SuperGourds: $135.95

8 Round SuperGourds: $174.95

12 Round SuperGourds: $239.95

24 Round SuperGourds: $459.95

36 Round SuperGourds: $669.95

48 Round SuperGourds: $869.95

60 Round SuperGourds: $1059.95

72 Round SuperGourds: $1229.95

84 Round SuperGourds: $1359.95

96 Round SuperGourds: $1509.95

Rack to hang SuperGourds from
Pole with winch for SuperGourds and Rack
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Purple Martin CDs to attract martins

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