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The Lonestar Pole & Winch

This is THE POLE for the Alamo Purple Martin House or the Standard Rack and SuperGourds.

Lonestar Pole & WinchThe Lonestar Pole and Winch is based on a 2" square-tubing steel pole, electroplated with zinc. It includes a cable, a winch, and a 30" ground socket.

With the winch, a person of ordinary or limited strength can raise and lower a colony of nesting purple martins. (A rope-and-pully system can be very difficult for someone with even a touch of arthritis in the hands. But this pole and winch is easy to handle.)

The pole comes in three sections, each about 5 1/2' long.

The pole sections connect with three specially designed X connectors made of 10 gauge steel. Two connectors are 12" long. The third, which is 18" long, gives the additional support when inserted in the 30" ground socket.

lonestarwinchThe winch utilizes a strong, compact design. You can lock it with a regular padlock, to prevent some mischievous person from causing a disaster. Like the pole, the winch is electroplated with zinc.

Weight: 44 pound

Shipping cost varies depending on where you are. Please inquire for the cost to your zip code.

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Which purple martin housing is it for?

The Lonestar Pole and Winch is not for a solid birdhouse with no central hole. It works great with the Standard Rack and Gourds.

Purple Martin Gourd Rack

Lonestar Alamo Purple Martin houses are also designed to work with the Lonestar Pole and Winch. The Alamo is available in two styles, with round holes or starling-resistant crescent holes.

Alamo       Alamo Crescent


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