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Purple Martin Housing
The Alamo!

The Alamo Purple Martin House accommodates 14 pairs of purple martins. It's beautiful and designed to help the nesting success of the birds.

alamo_martin_houseThere are many houses on the market for purple martins. Some are much better than others. Here is The Alamo, one of the best purple martin houses available.

This light-weight but sturdy aluminum martin house often achieves 100% occupancy. It seems the purple martins like the extra privacy of the offset entrances.

It accommodates 14 pairs of purple martins. It's a beautiful house, too.

Roomy rooms

Purple Martin NestEach compartment is the recommended, roomy 6" x 6" x 12". That means that that an owl usually can't reach far enough inside to grab an egg or baby bird. (The parents build the actual nest way in the back just in case an owl tries something like this.)

Doors are hinged, so you can easily check the nests and clean them out at the end of the season.

Guarded porches

Alamo CrescentEach compartment has its own individual porch and guard rail. This is important, because it helps keep the baby purple martins from wandering from their own nest and getting lost or causing chaos in the colony. (Those kids!)

To keep your purple martins cool, the attic is fully insulated.

Your Alamo martin house will arrive fully assembled, ready to put on a pole and place in your yard. It includes 14 winter door stops.

It comes in two styles, with round holes, as shown at the top of this page, or with crescent holes (shown two paragraphs up), which are more resistant to starlings.

If you desire a traditional-looking purple martin house, this is one to consider. We like the SuperGourds best, but if you're trying to attract purple martins to a new colony, it often helps to use a house that looks like the one the young were hatched in. Purple martins that were hatched in rectangular houses might accept The Alamo more readly than gourds.

Round holes Crescent holes
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