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Projects & Gifts
for a Child Birdwatcher

Many birders date their interest to the influence of a teacher, relative, or friend who first drew their attention to birds.

Dad and WillThe greatest gift is your time — watching birds
yourself with a child. Birdwatching unites people across generations.

Kids love the game of identifying birds by their appearance, songs, and behavior. Children with their young ears may surprise you by picking up bird songs you may have missed. It can be a real ear opener to go birding with a child.

Binoculars — the gift of seeing up close

Children deserve to have decent optical equipment, so that they have the thrill of seeing wild birds up close. But it's often a good idea to start with a binocular that is not extremely expensive.

We recommend the economical Eagle Optics Energy seven-power binocular. The Energy comes in 4 colors, so that it's possible for each child in a family to have his or her own recognizable binocular.

Energy Binoculars

Books — the gift of knowledge

Kids love to learn the names of birds. Call the birds in the back yard by their specific names, and the child will quickly realize there are many different kinds of birds.

A bird book helps, depending on the child's age. A good choice is the Beginner's Guide to Birds, for Eastern or Western USA. Appropriate for adults as well as kids.

Take a Backyard Bird WalkAn activity book, such as Take a Backyard Bird Walk, is also fun, for kids up to about 12 years old.

See more bird books for kids (and adults).

Bird songs — learning to see with your ears

iFlyerHalf the fun of watching birds is listening to their songs and learning to recognize who is singing. We love the iFlyer. Just swipe the wand across a bar code, and hear the song right now. It comes with a nice little book with good color pictures to link the bird to the sound.

— Copyright 2010 Diane Porter

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