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Guide to Birds of North America
CD-ROM Version 3.5

from Thayer Birding Software


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Welcome to the sights and sounds of the birds of North America!

Thayer's Guide to BirdsThe Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Thayer Birding Software have joined forces to create the Guide to Birds of North America v3.5. The new version features all 926 birds ever seen in the U.S. or Canada (excluding Hawaii).

This Windows-based CD-ROM includes 2,788 color photos and songs for 707 species. There are also 90 video clips.

This CD can help you identify unfamiliar birds. Simply select the color, size, habitat, location or sound of your bird, and the program will show you everything that matches your description!

With version 3.5, you can also share Custom Lists with your friends, download songs to an iPod for your own personal use and add your own comments and photos for each bird. New colorful icons make it very easy to use the CD.

New Features in Version 3.5

  • Add your own comments, photos and web links for each bird
  • Export songs to your iPod in minutes
  • State and Province CDs now include The Birder's Handbook
  • New "Pick One" Quiz - see four photos at once
  • Share Custom Lists with friends - a new Swap Forum is available
  • ID Wizard - identify birds by sound
  • New Look & Feel - color coded icons - much easier to use
  • Registration is optional
  • Zoomed photos fill the screen - and you can scroll through all photos for each bird
  • All birds from the same family can now be seen at once - making comparisons easier
  • View videos at 1x, 2x or 3x normal size
  • New Help file is easier to use
  • Cackling Goose and Black-crested Titmouse have been added
  • Taxonomic list is updated through March 2006
  • Easier to use in school labs and on multiple account computers
  • Birds of Canada added as a new title
  • Your sightings & custom lists will automatically be copied into version 3.5

See screen shots of selected new features

System Requirements: Windows 2000, Me or XP; Pentium 4 processor or equivalent; 256 MB RAM; CD-ROM drive; 50 MB on hard drive; plus hardware and software required to support multimedia applications. Some features of this CD-ROM require an Internet connection.

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