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Deluxe Gourd Rack

This gourd rack system is absolutely tops in construction, materials, and design.

Purple MartinThe Deluxe Gourd Rack provides the best compartments for purple martins — SuperGourds. It includes a strong rack to suport the weight of the gourds and nests and birds. And it features a strong, smooth-running, easy-to-use pulley system to raise and lower the gourds for inspection.

The Parts

The four-part pulley system makes it easy to raise and lower the rack.

Twelve 3/8 inch stainless steel arms with 90-degree-bend gourd mounts support the gourds. Gourd arms will accept optional owl guards. The gourd arms slip easily in ad out of the all-aluminum, pre-assembled hub, which has Nylon glide tabs for squeak-free operation.

Polyester rope won't wear out or fray, and aluminum rope cleat secures it.

Two-inch square pole comes with a plastic pole cap. Square poles are superior in strength to customary round martin poles. A square pole also makes it easy to align gourds correctly when raising and lowering the system, or when stormy weather makes it necessary to leave the hub and gourds lowered temporarily.

Gourd Rack DetailGourds slip on and off the arms quickly and easily. They anchor with stainless stell spring clips. (No more hanging wires to twist and untwist when putting up gourds!)

And the gourd arms slip easily in and out of the all-aluminum, pre-assembled hub, which has Nylon glide tabs for squeak-free operation.

The pole fits into a 57-inch steel ground stake. The groud stake and all the needed hardware for assembly is included. The ground stake must be cemented in the ground 36 inches.

The Deluxe Gourd Rack system does not include the Pole Guard shown in the photo, but you can order that separately if you like.

What it's like at the top

Purple Martin Adult MaleOnce the system is installed, the top is 14 feet above the ground. It comes with two 42-inch top perches.

The martins love to sit on these perches and survey their domain.

More about the SuperGourds

If you order SuperGourds separately for the Deluxe Gourd Rack, you will need to enlarge each gourds hanging hole in the neck to 3/8"diameter. This is to make it fit onto the arms.

SuperGourds ordered with the gourd rack system have their hanging holds pre-enlarged, so they're ready to install when you get them.

Three configurations

You can get the Deluxe Gourd rack in three configurations.

Purple Martin Adult Male1) Complete pole system with 12 predrilled 2-1/8" round-holed SuperGourds (as shown in the photos).

2) Complete pole system with 12 predrilled 2-1/8" crescent-holed SuperGourds (not shown on this page).

3) Without any gourds at all, so that you can use gourds you already have.

All systems and poles come with complete assembly and installation instructions.

See price.

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Deluxe Gourd Rack

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