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The Binocular Advisor

by Michael and Diane Porter

Michael PorterDiane PorterAnswers to questions from real people with real questions about how to choose a binocular.

Situation: What binoculars would you recommend for use by middle school students to birdwatch in the woods? I am establishing an outdoor classroom in the stand of woods on school property, and would like to do some birdwatching. We may also use them in our garden courtyard to watch the birds and butterflies. We would need to get something inexpensive, but functional and durable. (A tall order). Thanks. — Judy

Our Advice:

It is a tall order, because durability comes with higher expense. While very expensive binoculars survive amazing abuse, no economical binocular will withstand rough treatment (dropping, tossing, two kids yanking, etc.). If they are knocked about, binoculars will get out of alignment, and then they can cause eye strain.

Here are the ones we sell the most for kids.

It's the 8-power Eagle Optics Energy. This one costs only $49.95. This one does not work well for people who wear glasses, however. An advantage of the Energy is that is comes in three colors ( yellow, blue, and silver).

Eagle Optics Energy



Copyright 2012 by Michael and Diane Porter.


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