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The Binocular Advisor

by Michael and Diane Porter

Michael PorterDiane PorterAnswers to questions from real people with real questions about how to choose a binocular.

Situation: Just tell me what is the best binocular in the world.

Advice: After studying all the binoculars sent to us to review in Bird Watcher's Digest, we did not think there was one best binocular for all people.

But here is a short list of the binoculars with the absolute best optical qualities. They are all superbly bright, sharp, and free from fringing. All employ special high definition glass. All three have special coatings that let the lenses shed water and dirt as if by magic.

This list is in alphabetical order.

Leica UltravidLeica Ultravid HD
Utterly sharp, and colors are true as they come. Superb engineering and the most elegant diopter adjustment in the business. And nothing, anywhere, is brighter than a Leica!

Nikon EDG
Nikon EDGGreat optical quality. No binocular by any other manufacturer has a smoother, surer focus knob. All models have ample eye relief to work well with or without glasses.

Swarovski Swarovsion EL
Swarovski ELOptical quality is absolutely spectacular! With the EL's hollow bridge, it is easy to hold and focus, even with one hand. Outstanding color fidelity. Sharp from edge to edge. Focuses as close as 4.9 feet! Swarovski has the best reputation among high-end binoculars for excellent, generous warranty service.

Zeiss Victory FLZeiss Victory T* HT
The new Zeiss Victory HT is designed keep delivering Zeiss's characteristic brightness even in deep twilight. Uses the superb Abbe-Konig roof prisms and flouride lenses.

Copyright 2012 by Michael and Diane Porter.


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