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Mid-priced Binoculars Review
Eagle Optics Ranger ED

by Michael and Diane Porter

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This review is for the Eagle Optics Ranger 8x42. Since the article was written, the 8x42 model has been discontinued. However the 10x42 model is still available, at least as of April 22, 2014.

Eagle Optics Ranger ED 8x42
Overall Score: 4.33 (0ut of possible 5.0)

Ranger EDA new open-bridge design, the Eagle Optics Ranger ED is different from the previous, solid-bridge Rangers, which are still available.

The binocular provides an extremely satisfying view, the product of its excellent resolving ability and one of the widest fields of view (425 feet) in our survey. The Ranger ED seems to have excellent build quality as well. All the moving parts function smoothly and neatly, from focus knob to diopter adjustment.

Ergonomically the binocular is well designed. The focus knob is smooth and precise, and it’s wide enough even for a person wearing heavy gloves. Focus knob turns 1 ¾ turns lock to lock.

The Ranger ED’s barrels squeeze closer together than most binoculars, thereby accommodating even birders with close-set eyes. Like most open-bridge binoculars, it is longer and heavier than binoculars of a conventional solid-bridge design.

Pro: Excellent optical quality; wide field of view; excellent ergonomics.

Con: Armored coating is harder than some people like; diopter setting doesn’t lock.

See price info on the 10x42 model

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