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Hawk Eye Nature Cam
The Birdhouse Camera

Watch movies from inside your birdhouse!

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Hawk Eye Nature CamThe Hawk Eye Nature Cam gives you an easy, affordable way of watching what goes on inside your birdhouses, even at night.

Inside the birdhouse

Mount your Hawk-Eye camera inside your birdhouse, and you can observe exactly what a bluebird is doing during while she's sitting on her eggs or feeding the babies.

Other birdhouse-nesting birds you can observe are chickadees, titmice, house wrens, kestrels, and even owls.

Just imagine the fun of filming baby screech owls!

This is a tiny video camera. Although it is a color camera, the light is usually too dim inside a birdhouse for the image to show much color. If the light is bright enough, you will see some color. But the camera works even in total darkness!

Hawk Eye ViewSix built-in mini infrared diodes bathe the inside of the birdhouse with invisible infrared light. It doesn't bother the birds in the slightest, and it lets you see what is going on inside, even on the darkest night. In this picture, the side of a birdhouse has been removed to show how the camera is mounted.

Watch and listen at your TV screen or computer monitor as birds go about their natural lives undisturbed.

Movies, too!

Make your own nature movies. Plug Hawk Eye Nature Cam into your VCR and record the action.

Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Mount the Hawk Eye Nature Cam inside your birdhouse.
  2. Run the 100-foot plug-n-play cord into your house.
  3. Plug into the back of your television, computer, or VCR.

The Hawk Eye Nature Cam comes with a built-in microphone and 100 feet of of AV cable, ready to be plugged into the back of your TV, VCR, or computer.

For watching on your computer, your computer needs AV input ports. Or you can get an adapter.

Complete instructions are included.

This is a great gift for the holidays or for the birthday of the bird lover in your life.

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CablesIs your birdhouse farther away from the house than 100 feet? You can:

  1. Move the house
  2. Move the tree
  3. Buy an additional 100 feet extension cable

Our FREE advice? Buy the cable. Extension cables can be connected together to extend the camera hundreds of feet from the house.

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