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Birdwatching Starter Kits

 Triumph binoculars

A pair of binoculars

Every Birdwatching Starter Kit starts with a good binocular. The various kits range from the least expensive good binocular you can buy to a more expensive binocular, for the person who is already serious about birding.

All of our Starter Kit binoculars work both for folks who wear glasses and those who do not.

Each one comes with with carrying case and strap.

We have tried all of these binoculars and recommend them personally!

Golden Field Guide  A field guide (or two)

You need a bird book. It's like having an experienced birder by your side. Every Starter kit includes at least one field guide of the birds of North America.

Each field guide has pictures of each bird and a map showing where that bird is found.

How to Start Watching Birds

A DVD to get you started

Every Starter Kit includes our own DVD with all the info you need to enjoy birdwatching right away.

  • Learn what to look for when you see a bird you don't recognize.
  • Discover what you can learn from a field guide (bird book).
  • Find out how to choose and use binoculars.
  • Get tips on the best times and places to watch birds.
  • And much more.


Bells and whistles

Some of Starter Kits includes extra items to increase your birding enjoyment. Such as a harness to take the weight of your binocular off your neck and transfer it to your shoulders. Makes the binocular feel weightless.

Some include a lens pen to help you clean your new binocular the right way.

Or an extra book with great tips for birding.


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