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September 2006


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  • Warbler Month!
  • Binocular Tuneup
  • Dear Bird Lady...
  • Guide to Birds CD-ROM

  • Binocular Tuneup
    Give your binoculars a tuneup, and they'll show you a sharper picture. If you haven't already set the diopter adjustment, you can improve the way your binoculars focus. Here's how to make sure both sides of your binocular focus at the same distance.

    Dear Bird Lady...

    Dear Bird Lady: I've hung up some really nice bird feeders and filled them with different kinds of bird seed. A couple of birds have come by, but that's all. What am I doing wrong, and why don't the birds notice my feeders? -- Suzette B., Missoula MT

    You're probably not doing anything wrong. The birds will come. The thing is, they don't need feeders very much right now, because wild seeds and berries at are their maximum for the year. But that's no reason not to put out food. What you do in fall will determine how many birds will come in winter.

    Guide to Birds CD-ROM
    Guide to Birds CD-ROM

    Watch the birds on your computer. Every North American bird species has a home on this CD-ROM. Gorgeous color photos. Bird songs. Bird finding guides. Maps. Short videos. Quizzes. Great for kids, schools, and anyone who wants to learn the birds of North America.


    Photos copyright Michael and Diane Porter 2006

    Warbler Month!
    Yellow-rumped Warbler

    September is warbler month. Small, gorgeous, and elusive, the jewels of the treetops are making their way south.

    Many warblers nest in Canada and the northern states. For most of the continent, our best chance to see them is during their annual migrations.

    Lucky for us, warblers linger more in fall than they did in spring, giving us a wider window of opportunity to enjoy them. But don't put it off. When they're gone, they're gone -- until next spring.

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