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Red Seed Ball Feeder

Red Seed Ball FeederIt's a simple, inexpensive feeder.

And it has brought us so much joy!

Birds love it.

The Red Seed Ball seeder is designed to dispense black oil sunflower seeds. Its mesh is just the right size to let the birds pull the seeds out one at a time, but to prevent a cascade of wasted seed on the ground.

But I also like to fill it with hulled sunflower hearts, because the birds just go nuts over them.

RedThis feeder doesn't need ports, because the birds can land on top of it, on the sides, on the bottom, and all over it. And no matter where they land, they can peck through to the seeds.

The mesh is made of metal, so squirrels don't have much luck with it. Ours just leave it alone and content themselves with whatever has fallen to the ground.

Because there is no place to hold moisture, water drains right through it. I have never found moldy food in the feeder in two years of use. Of course, the birds don't let the seeds sit around long, butthe good drainage must help also.

Hairy and Downy WoodpeckersI'm grateful to this feeder for giving me the best chance I've ever had to carefully compare a hairy woodpecker and and downy woodpecker side by side. The two birds landed on the Red Seed Ball at the same moment and stayed there for quite a while, each on its own side, chowing down. I could really see how much longer the hairy's bill was in proportion to the size of its head. (Click the picture for a bigger view of the two woodpeckers on the Red Seed Ball.)

Our Red Seed Ball has attracted many goldfinches, nuthatches, titmice, woodpeckers, house finches, and the occasional blue jay. It's a cheerful addition to our back yard. A pretty ornament, with the birds on it.

We love it, and the wild birds love it.

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