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What's New in Bird Brain 6.5

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Bird Brain 6.5
Upgrade from Bird Brain 5.0
Upgrade from Bird Brain 6, 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, or 6.4

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New Features

Reference database changes

Clements ChecklistLatest world bird listBird Brain 6.5 reference birds data have been updated to to be consistent with the Clements 6.8 World List, released in August, 2013, by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. The reference database contains all the current Clements species, subspecies, and range information.

Updated Splits and Lumps

In the 2013 update of the Clements World List, there are many changes from the previous version, 6.4.

Splits TabSix species have been lost through lumping or other revisions. There have been 63 species promoted from subspecies to species status, and there are 27 completely new species. After all the splits and lumps, the net gain in the world species list is 84 species, bringing the total of world species to 10,324.

The taxonomic sequence has also changed, with a re-ordering if the taxonomic sequence and the addition of three families of birds.

Bird Brain 6.5's reference database reflects the current names and taxonomy. And it makes it easy to see, find, and change your splits.

Checklists updated

There is updated checklist information for all nations, US states, Canadian provinces, and the AOU and ABA areas.

Found Set can be saved

You can save a Found Set by choosing a menu item. You can restore the saved Found Set at any time until you save a different Found Set. The saved Found Set survives quitting and restarting Bird Brain.

Quick Backups

Bird Brain now makes it easy to create a backup file of your records. You don't have to close Bird Brain to do it. Just choose Make Backup File... from the File menu. A copy of your Bird Brain Records file is automatically created.

Find and delete duplicate records

In the event that you accidentally enter or import the same record more than once, you may have duplicate records. Bird Brain will now provide you with a list of records that may be duplicates. You can delete any that you wish, either one by one or all at once.

New powers to picture List

Three new features of Bird Brain's Picture List increase the usefulness of this report.

Under each photo, a blue arrow takes you to the zoomed picture view for that image.

Each photo in the Picture List shows at a glance whether the image is a referenced picture file or an embedded picture file.

New buttons in the Picture List enable you to create a Found Set of records with referenced or embedded picture files.

Picture List

Free Trial

Download free trial of Bird Brain 6.5

You can download a free trial of the full working version of Bird Brain 6.5, in which all the features function. However, the number of records that can be entered is limited to 70 until you purchase a license.

If you are coming from Bird Brain 5

Here are instructions for getting your records from Bird Brain 5 and importing them into the new Bird Brain 6.5.

Minimum System Requirements

Bird Brain 6.5 requires Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, or Mavericks. Your system must match or exceed one of the following:

System Requirements


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