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What's New in Bird Brain 7

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Bird Brain 7
Upgrade from Bird Brain 5.0
Upgrade from Bird Brain 6, 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4, or 6.5

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New Features

Reference database changes

Clements ChecklistLatest world bird listBird Brain 7 reference birds data have been updated to to be consistent with the Clements 2015 World List, released in August, 2015, by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. The reference database contains all the current Clements species, subspecies, and range information.

Updated Splits and Lumps

Since Bird Brain 6.5, 87 species have been split, each resulting in two or more species where only one was recognized before.

If you are upgrading from the previous version, Bird Brain's Splits Report lists all your records where a species has been split. This powerful report lets you choose which species you judge each record to be.

Splits TabFor example, the bird formerly known as Clapper Rail has been split into three species, Clapper Rail, Ridgway's Rail, and Mangrove Rail. If your records include Clapper Rail, the Splits Report will show you all your Clapper Rail records so that you can decide which species each record should be. Bird Brain will help you make your decision by showing the range for each species.

Since Bird Brain 6.5, 25 species have been demoted from their status as species. That is, they have been "lumped," or reclassified as subspecies.

For example, if you had both Songer Tit and a Willow Tit on your life list, you now have in their place just one species, the Willow Tit, because Songer Tit is now considered a subspecies of Willow Tit.

If you're upgrading from a previous version, Bird Brain automatically combines lumped species. The Lumps Report shows which records have been affected and explains why your life lists totals may have lost one or more birds.

Updated Taxonomy

The taxonomic sequence has also changed, with a re-ordering some species and families. There are now 39 orders. The two orders added in the 2015 Clements are Leptosomiformes (Cuckoo-Roller) and Bucerotiforemes (Hoopoes, Hornbills, etc.).

Bird Brain 7's reference database reflects the current names and taxonomy. And it makes it easy to see, find, and change your splits.

Checklists updated

There is updated checklist information for all nations, US states, Canadian provinces, and the latest AOU and ABA checklists.

Importing from eBird

Bird Brain already could export data for import directly into eBird.

Now, in Bird Brain 7, it works both ways. Now you can bring your eBird sightings into Bird Brain and automatically create a record for each sighting.

If you are a new Bird Brain user, and you have been submitting your records to eBird, you can download the data from eBird and then import all or any part of it into Bird Brain with a few clicks.

If you are traveling, you may use eBird's very nice mobile app, which allows you to record sightings in the field and submit them to eBird. Now, with Bird Brain 7, you can retrieve that data from eBird when you get home and import it directly into your Bird Brain database.

New Mapping

Google Maps continues to evolve and change, and Bird Brain mapping has evolved with it.

The GPS coordinates, the Lat-Longs, instantly pop up with a single click. This makes it fast and easy to fine tune your exact location.

You can store the Map Type and Zoom Level with the Sighting map for each record, so you can specify exactly how the particular map will appear when you next open it.
There are several new buttons to speed up mapping. You can bring forward the Sighting Map Lat-Long from the previous record. Another button lets you bring in the Location Lat-Long.

There is also a button that will open the new, full Google Maps in Safari and use its humongously powerful database to search for your location. You can even set this to happen automatically, if there hasn't been a Lat-Long already entered for the record.

Improved Splits Reports

If you have a lot of records, you will appreciate the improved Splits Report. You can now mark multiple records of the same species as Split Decided as Yes, with a single click.

There is now an Omit Record button. Instantly remove a record from the Splits Report list.

Find Bird on the Net is now available from within the Splits Report. You can click this to immediately see what Wikipedia, Google, or Cornell Lab has to say about this species.

Just Bird Names with Scientific Name

We have had several requests for this list view. It contains only the names of the bird — Engish name and scienitific name. It prints with the same format as the Checklists, Target Lists, and Wish Lists with Scientific Names.

Help Videos

We are now creating a series of online videos that show how to use Bird Brain. Seeing and hearing are often better than simply reading.


Free Trial

Download free trial of Bird Brain 7

You can download a free trial of the full working version of Bird Brain 6.5, in which all the features function. However, the number of records that can be entered is limited to 70 until you purchase a license.

If you are coming from Bird Brain 5

Here are instructions for getting your records from Bird Brain 5 and importing them into the new Bird Brain 7.

Minimum System Requirements

Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) is no longer supported. Please update your operating system before upgrading to Bird Brain 7.

Your system must match or exceed one of the following:

System Requirements


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