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Bird Brain Software

Bird Brain 7 download instructions
for free trial
and for
new users of Bird Brain

1. Check System Requirements

Check to see if your Macintosh computer meets the Bird Brain 7 minimum system requirements. To see your Mac's system version number, processor, and RAM memory, choose About This Mac from the Apple menu on your computer.

Bird Brain 7 works with the following or later systems:

System Requirements

2. Download Bird Brain 7

Download the Bird Brain 7 Folder zip file

Clicking the link above will download a file to your Downloads folder or wherever you have set your browser's preferences to download files. The name of the file that gets downloaded is Bird Brain 7 Be sure you wait until the download is complete.

After it downloads, if your browser is set to do this, the zip file will automatically unzip and create a folder called Bird Brain 7 Folder.

If it does not, you can make it happen by double-clicking on the zip file.

Bird Brain Folder Zip Icon

Bird Brain 7 Folder Icon

Note, this download is the full, working version of Bird Brain 7. The only restriction is that you can't enter more than 70 records until you purchase a registration code.

3. Put the Bird Brain 7 Folder in your Documents folder

Move the entire Bird Brain 7 Folder with all its files into your Documents folder. Do not put it in your Applications folder or anywhere else. Put it in the Documents folder. Really! Just take our word for it.

4. Put the Bird Brain 7 icon in your dock

Open the Bird Brain 7 Folder. Select the birdie icon in the Finder. Hold down the Shift Key, and choose Add to Dock from the File menu. The icon will be added to the end of the application section of the Dock. You can then drag it wherever you want it on the Dock.

Birdie Icon

Another way to add the birdie icon to the Dock. You can drag the icon from the Finder to the Dock. But if you do, be careful to hold down the mouse until you reach the dock. If you let up too soon, you will move the Bird Brain 7 file out of its folder. You don't want to do that. If you do, Bird Brain won't work until you move it back.

5. Opening Bird Brain   

First launch tip: The first time you open an application that has been downloaded from the Internet, you need to do it in a special way. You need to give it permission to open. Double-clicking on the icon won't work.


Right-click or control-click on the Bird Brain 7 birdie icon in its folder or in the Dock.

                           Open from Dock

Choose Open from the menu that pops up.

You should get this window. Click the Open button.

Control-click Open

After you once open Bird Brain this way, you can open by clicking normally from now on.

If it still doesn't work, see Installation Troubleshooting, below.

6. What you see when Bird Brain Opens

Bird Brain 7 should now open. You will see an About Bird Brain window for 3 seconds, and then the Sighting Record window will open with a Downy Woodpecker sighting showing.

This is the first record of the tutorial records that come pre-installed in Bird Brain. They work with the Bird Brain 7 User Guide's Quick Start tutorial to help you learn how to use the program.

About Bird Brain   

What new users of Bird Brain need to know

Now that you have Bird Brain sucessfully installed, here's where to get the help you need to make it easy to use or upgrade the program.

Bird Brain 7 comes with 60 tutorial records installed. The first thing you should do is take the Quick Start Tutorial that's near the beginning of the Bird Brain 7 User Guide. It works with the 60 tutorial records that come pre-installed in Bird Brain 7 to help you learn the program.

Go to Bird Brain's Help menu, the last menu on the right
Choose Bird Brain 7 User Guide
Click on the Welcome to Bird Brain 7 link
Be sure to take the Quick Start tutorial in Chapter 2

Rules you will need to follow

Keep the files in the Bird Brain 7 Folder intact.
Don't move any of the files out of the Bird Brain Folder, and don't rename them. Their names and locations are critical for Bird Brain to work correctly.

Always open Bird Brain using the birdie icon
Always launch Bird Brain by clicking on the birdie icon in your Bird Brain 7 Folder or the birdie icon in the Dock. Don't open the program by clicking on the Bird Brain Records.USR file.

Birdie Icon

Bird Brain Registraion

Although this download is the full version of Bird Brain 7, you can't enter more than 70 records unless you purchase a Bird Brain 7 registration code. Previous registration codes won't work.

To purchase a registration code, go to the Birdwatching Dot Com Store.

When you order, you'll receive an email with your registration name and license code. To enter them in Bird Brain, you'll choose Registration from Bird Brain's Help menu. Please enter your name and code exactly as you received it.



Installation Troubleshooting

Unidentified Developer

If you get this window when you try to open Bird Brain, you'll need to change  your security settings. Here's how.

Open your System Preferences and click on the Security & Privacy settings.

System Prefs

Choose the General tab and make the Allow applications downloaded from: setting to say Anywhere. (You'll probably need to first click the lock and enter your password to change the setting.)

Security Anywhere

The Anywhere setting will change what happens when you double-click on the Bird Brain birdie icon and give you a window that allows you to open the program.

After you've done the installation, you can come back and change back to the setting you prefer.

License agreement

By installing Bird Brain, you agree to the terms of this software license agreement.

See License Agreement

The download link below lets you download the full, working copy of Bird Brain for free. You can try out all the features. The only limitation is that you can't enter order more than 70 records until you purchase a registration code.

Order here | FAQ | What is Bird Brain | What's new in 7